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There are so many benefits to doing so: being active outdoors is a good way to cut calories and lose weight, the fresh air makes us feel better, and it’s a lot more fun and inexpensive than watching TV or surfing the Internet all day.If you want to enjoy yourself, then make sure you won’t freeze outside.

So lets take a look at some of them and see what you can do. They're simple to drive, easy to park, get great gas mileage and have just enough room inside for a double bed and some storage space. A camping box is a lightweight and portable module, that fits behind the back seat of most mini vans or MPV's.

It's a camping gear storage unit and an optional double bed all in one compact mobile camping box that will transform your daily driver in a mini camper van conversion in a matter of minutes.

The box is usually made from plywood and comes with various types of storage organizers.

You may have the largest RV in the world packed up with all kinds of modern day techno-gadgets or the latest SUV sitting on your driveway, but if don't go outside and explore what the world has to offer, well you're probably missing the pure and simple beauty of life.

There are numerous ways to upgrade your vehicle from an ordinary commuter to a camper.

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Here are 18 fun (and cheap) outdoor activities to get you motivated.