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“It is easier than dating someone who is HIV-negative,” she said.“We share so much more, and we can be free with each other.” Asali 133, herein please find contact details and more details: STACY CARE FOUNDATION (SCF) a club for single men and women who are HIV-positive, whether single, never married, widowed, separated or divorced. I was recently rejected by a man we have had a relationship with for four years. We had neber had sex but I knew that it was inevitable when he would be home.“I have met lots of men and women, many of whom have become firm friends.

NAIROBI, 1 December 2008 (Plus News) – The party at a popular restaurant in Nairobi, the Kenyan capital, looks ordinary, but the people attending it – all of whom are HIV-positive – are enjoying a rare opportunity to socialise without feeling like an outsider.The NGO, Family Health International, through its Gold Star Network, has partnered with the Stacy Care Foundation to give reproductive health advice to couples.“We find that men are usually keen to have sex earlier, even without protection, so usually the women are advised to take control of protection to prevent reinfection, pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections,” Wakesho said.Whether you are black men or white men, you can find thousands of black women and white men who are also living with Herpes and HIV.Join us and meet African-American and white positive singles today.

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“The members are mostly young and single, although some are widowed or divorced,” she said.