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After and has received back-to-back Emmys for Outstanding Host For A Reality Or Reality-competition Program. She has yet to find another hit series as her recent TV show Matthew Morrison As the good-natured Spanish teacher, Will Schuester did everything he could to keep the Glee club going and its members motivated.

Here's the thing, Sue Sylvester is a pivotal character in and her being fired from Mc Kinley would be a major, gamechanging direction for the show to go in.

Schue invites her to the choir room to make amends via the means of song, but when he claps his hands to start the performance a gunshot goes off. Immediately the terrified glee club rush for cover, turn out the lights, close the blinds and barricade the doors as outside screaming students run for their lives.

Before we get to the ethics of the shooting plot, we do have to appreciate just how astonishingly well acted and frighteningly authentic the pertinent scenes are. The kids scramble into the shadows and prepare for the worst, every little sound - be it the buzz of a phone, the tick of a metronome or everyone's traumatised sobs - reverberating around the crushing silence.

Students begin to trickle back into the school through metal detectors and Sue Sylvester confesses that the gun belongs to her.

It accidentally fired when she was performing daily safety checks in her office.

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Critics also praised the show for its groundbreaking approach to exploring various social issues such as gender identity, teen pregnancy and bullying.