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Alternatively, if you like to go on 100-mile bike rides, it’ll help ensure you find someone who can keep up.

“I didn't want the site to be generic like most other [dating] sites,” Keshian explains.

Mike Keshian is trying to fill a niche with Luv Byrd, an online dating site for people who like outdoor adventures.If you’re not in Colorado, you still can register for the site, but Keshian explains that the expectation is that you’re going to connect in Colorado.As for a national rollout, that’s coming, but Keshian wants to develop an app first and maybe expand to some other Western states before he opens it up to all 50.But if you’re in Houston or Ohio, or places where that’s tougher, this site will be awesome for those people.” Currently, Luv Byrd’s user base is small (less than 1,000 users) and skews slightly more male than female, with the vast majority of members between the ages of 20 and 40.The site is free to everyone, but Keshian says both an app and a “fremium” model are coming.

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When thinking of some fun outdoor activities to do for a first date, you have to always go with your strengths.

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