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A competing view is that as mainstream operating systems become better at voice applications with appropriate Quality of Service (Qo S) guarantees and 5G handoff (IEEE 802.21 etc.) becomes available from outdoor wireless carriers, netbooks and smartphones will simply become the dominant interfaces.i Phone, Android and the QNX OS used in 2012-and-later Black Berry phones are generally capable of Vo IP performance even on small battery-charged devices.For voice and media encoding, a variety of coders are available, such as for audio: G.711, GSM, i LBC, Speex, G.729, G.722, G.722.2 (AMR-WB), other audio codecs, and for video H.263, H.263 , H.264.User interface software controls the operation of the hardware components, and may respond to user actions with messages to a display screen.

Another type of gateway device acts as a simple GSM base station and regular mobile phones can connect to this and make Vo IP calls.

The components of a Vo IP telephone consist of the hardware and software components.

The software requires standard networking components such as a TCP/IP network stack, client implementation for DHCP, and the Domain Name System (DNS).

DHCP client software simplifies connection of a device to an IP network.

The software automatically configures the network and Vo IP service parameters.

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