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Telling Him You Need Some Alone Time I mean, who doesn't?Occasionally Mentioning an Ex I stress the word "occasionally." You're going to make him a bit jealous, but if he asks what you did for your birthday a few years back it's not like you should lie about that weekend getaway to the Bahamas. Leaving a Toothbrush, Blowdryer, or other Item at His Place It's worth saying, "Do you mind if I leave ___ here so I don't have to go home before work in the morning?

But you can't seem to stop yourself from questioning everything.

Canceling Plans If something comes up for you at work and you have to cancel, just say it. Saying What You Want Telling him what film you want to watch/restaurant you want to go to/bar you want to drink at. Asking for His Astronomical Sign If you're into that sort of thing.

He will know you're not getting dual charts made up to see if you're compatible for life.

" but if he's into you he'll smile every time he opens his bathroom cabinet and sees it.

IF YOU'VE BEEN DATING FOR MONTHS Planning Dates or Trips Away One rule of thumb is to never plan for a date longer than you've been with a guy.

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Finally, she said, "I realized that probably lots of people take their coffee that way." She's right! But just because he or she doesn't post a status every time you go somewhere doesn't necessarily mean anything.

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  1. I don’t want to get into an argument over this; it’d be easier just to go along for now and then leave as soon as it’s over. You sound like a sensitive and empathetic person—you would presumably not want to have sex with a man who actually felt uncomfortable and disinterested in sleeping with you, who was simply going along with you because he was anxious about hurting your feelings.