Vychislitel online dating

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Vychislitel online dating

Note: Before adding to this list, make sure you have checked FPK / PSL Sniper Rifle.The FPK, PSL or Romak is a Romanian AK-derived sniper rifle sometimes used as an ersatz SVD in movies, so an entry which appears to be omitted from this page may well be on that one. The reader is thus directed to the following applications that serve to detail arrangements in which applicants intend the present technology to be applied, and that technically supplement the present disclosure: Application Ser. Based on internet-distributed clues, people try to find a hidden six-pack of soda to earn a 0 prize. 12/484,115 also claims priority to provisional applications 61/176,739, filed May 8, 2009; 61/174,822, filed May 1, 2009; and 61/169,266, filed Apr. The present technology builds on, and extends, technology disclosed in other patent applications by the present assignee. 14, 2008 (published as 20100119208); Application Ser. (Consider a promotional game from Pepsi, inviting the public to participate in a treasure hunt in a state park.

The Norinco NDM-86 is a Chinese-made clone of the Soviet SVD.

The remote service providers can be identified using techniques such as a reverse auction, though which they compete for processing tasks. The router in takes care of how any given packaged pixel packet gets sent to the appropriate pixel processing location, whether local or remote (with the style of fill pattern denoting different component processing functions; only a few of the processing functions required by the enabled visual processing services are depicted).

Other aspects of the disclosed technologies relate to visual search capabilities, and determining appropriate actions responsive to different image inputs. Some of the data shipped to cloud-based pixel services may have been first processed by local device pixel services.

in which the image sensor comprises elements fabricated on a semiconductor substrate, the substrate also having fabricated thereon programmable circuitry configured in accordance with instructions in the memory to serve as the keyvector processor module.evaluating a competition between two or more external service providers, and sending the internally-processed image data to a winner of said competition for further processing, the winning service provider delivering externally-processed image data; and that includes storing the image data and the graphical representation of the metadata in JPEG2000 form, wherein the graphical representation of the metadata is arranged so that as features of the image are progressively decoded for presentation, metadata corresponding to said features are similarly progressively decoded.

Cell phones and other portable devices are equipped with a variety of technologies by which existing functionality can be improved, and new functionality can be provided. The downloaded application also has a prize verification component, which processes image data captured by the users' cell phones to identify a special pattern with which the hidden six-pack is uniquely marked.

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Commercial "Tiger Carbine" (aka "Dragunov Tiger") version sold in the US, with synthetic furnishings used on domestic SVD-M modernized variant - 7.62x54mm R.

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